September 18, 2020
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BKPK VIDEO What happened when Lord Vishnu went to search for his father?

What happened when Lord Vishnu went to search for his father?

Vishnu’s Departure in Search of His Father Brahm and Being Blessed by His Mother Durga

After this, Mother Durga (Prakriti) asked Vishnu, “Son, you may also search for your father.” Vishnu, in search of his father(Kaal-Brahm), went to Patal Lok (Nether world), where there was’Sheshnaag’. On seeing Vishnu entering into his jurisdiction, he sprayed his venom furiously on Vishnu. Vishnu’s skin color turned black under the effect of the venom as if he was spray-painted.
Vishnu thought of fixing that snake. Jyoti Niranjan (Kaal) thought of pacifying Vishnu and through either voice, ordered Vishnu that now you go back to your mother and tell her the entire true account, and whatever trouble Sheshnaag has caused you now, you may take its revenge from him in Dwaparyug. In Dwaparyug, you (Vishnu)
will incarnate as ‘Krishna’, and Sheshnaag will incarnate as a snake named ‘Kalindri’ in Kalideh (a river).

Unch hoi ke neech sataave, taakar oel (revenge) mohi so paavae |Jo jeev deyi peer puni kahoon, hum puni oel divaavein taahoon ||Then, Vishnu came to his mother and told the truth that I did notsee father. Mother Durga (Prakriti) was very much pleased withthis and said, “Son, you are truthful. Now I will introduce you toyour father by my power and will remove all your doubts.”

Kabir dekh putra tohi pita bhitaun, tore man ka dhokha mitaun |Man swaroop karta keh jaano, man te dooja aur na maano |
Swarg patal daur man kera, man asthir man ahae anera |
Nirankar man hi ko kahiye, man ki aas nish din rahiye |

Dekh hoon palti sunya meh jyoti, jahan par jhilmil jhalar hoti ||

In this way, Mother Durga (Ashtangi/Prakriti) told Vishnu thatman (mind) is the Doer of the world (which governs the world); thisonly is Jyoti Niranjan. The thousand lights, which you see in meditation, only is his appearance. The sound of conch shells and bells etc.

which you hear are Brahm’s only, and are ringing in Mahaswarg.
Mother Durga (Ashtangi/Prakrti) said that son, you are the king ofall gods and I will fulfil all your wishes and tasks. You will be worshipped in the whole world because you have told me the truth.

It is a particular habit of all the living beings in Kaal’s twentyone brahmands that they try to uselessly glorify themselves. Like,Durga is telling Vishnu Ji that you will be worshipped in the world. Ihave shown your father to you. Durga misled Vishnu by only showing him the light. Shri Vishnu Ji also started explaining this state ofGod to his followers that only God’s light is visible. God is formless.

After this, Aadi Bhavani (Durga) went to Rudra (Mahesh Ji) and said that Mahesh, you may also search for your father. Both ofyour brothers did not get to see your father. I have given them whatever I had to. Now you may ask whatever you want. Mahesh said,”Oh, mother! If both of my elder brothers did not get to see father,then it will be useless for me to try. Please give me such a blessingthat I may become immortal (mrityunjay/win over death). Mothersaid, “I cannot do this. Yes, I can tell you a method by which you willattain the longest life. The method is meditation (therefore, MahadevJi mostly remains in meditation).”

what is vishnu the god of, who is the father of lord shiva vishnu and brahma, vishnu and shiva, why is vishnu blue, lord vishnu stories, vishnu wife, father of lord brahma, vishnu avatar,

In this way, Mother Durga (Ashtangi / Prakriti) distributed thedepartments to her three sons –

God Brahma, to create bodies of 84 lakh species of life in Kaallok (The twenty-one brahmands of Brahm (Kaal) is known as Kaal lok. The effect of the feeling of having sex) i.e. gave him the department of producing living beings bycompelling them for reproduction of offsprings under the effect ofRajogun.

To god Vishnu, the department of nurturing these living beings(according to their actions), and maintaining the state by developinglove and affection.

To god Shiv Shankar (Mahadev), the department of destruction because their father Niranjan has to daily consume one-lakhhuman beings.

Here a question will arise in the mind that how do creation, preservation and destruction occur by Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar Ji.

These three live in their own loks. Like, these days to run thecommunication system, satellites are launched above in the sky, andthey run the communication system on the Earth. Similarly, wherever these three gods live, the subtle (sukshm) waves of the gunas(qualities) radiating from their bodies automatically maintain an effect on every living being in the three loks.The above-mentioned description is of Brahm’s (Kaal) creationin one Brahmand. There are twenty-one such brahmands of Kshar Purush (Kaal).

But Kshar Purush (Brahm/Kaal) himself never appears before anyone in his visible i.e actual bodily form. The three gods (BrahmaJi, Vishnu Ji, and Shiv Ji) did not see Brahm (Kaal) despite doingworship to the best of their ability based on the methods mentioned inthe Vedas to achieve him (Kaal). Later, Rishis (sages) read the Vedas.

In it, it is written that “AgneH Tanur Asi” (Holy Yajurved, Adhyay 1,Mantra 15) – the Supreme God has a body. And in Holy Yajurved,Adhyay 5, Mantra 1, it is written that “AgneH Tanur Asi VishnveTva Somasya Tanur Asi”. In this mantra, Ved is stating twice that theomnipresent and preserver of all, Sat Purush (Eternal God), has a body.

In Holy Yajurved, Adhyay 40, Mantra 8, it is said that (Kavir Manishi) the God for whom every living being is yearning, He isKavir i.e. Kabir. His body is without blood vessels (Asanaaviram) and is devoid of a physical body (Akaayam ) made up of the fiveelements formed from seminal fluid (Shukram´). That Master of allis seated in the topmost Satlok. That Supreme God has a self-illuminated (Swarjyoti) body made up of the masses of lights (tejpunj),which is in shabd/word-form i.e. is eternal. He is the same KavirDev (Supreme God Kabir) who is the creator of all the brahmands (Vyaddhata), (SwayambhuH) who appears Himself i.e. is self-existent (Yatha tathya arthan ) in reality (Shashvat´) is eternal (this isalso evident in Gita, Adhyay 15, and Shlok 17). It means that thename of the body of Purna Brahm (Complete or Full-fledged God) is Kabir (Kavir Dev). The bodyof that Supreme God is made up of the element of light. The body ofGod is very subtle and becomes visible to only that worshipper whosedivine vision has opened up. Similarly, the living being also has asubtle body which is covered by a layer i.e. body made up of the fiveelements which is formed from the seminal fluid (shukram ) by theunion of mother-father. Even after leaving the body, the subtle bodyremains with a living being. That body is only visible to a worshipperwhose divine vision has opened up. Understand the state of the Supreme God and a living being in this way.

In Vedas, there is a evidence of chanting (Sumiran) ‘Om ‘ mantra, which is only sadhna (Worship) of Brahm. With this aim, considering the’Om ‘ mantra as of the Purna Brahm, the sages (Rishis) tried toattain God by meditating (hath yog) for thousands of years. But didnot see God, just gained supernatural powers (siddhis). By playingwith those siddhis-like toys, the sages remained in the cycle of lifeand death and wrote God as ‘formless’ in the books based on theirown experiences.

Brahm (Kaal) has pledged that I will never appear before anyonein my real form. I will be considered ‘invisible’ (‘invisible’ means thatsomebody is in form but does not manifest personally in physical form.

Like, in the daytime the sun disappears as the sky becomes cloudy. Itis not visible, but in reality, is present as it is behind the clouds; thisstate is called ‘invisible’/unmanifested). [For evidence see Gita, Adhyay7, Shloka 24 -25; Adhyay 11, Shloka 48 and 32].

Brahm (Kaal), the narrator of the Holy Gita Ji, by entering intoShri Krishan ji’s body like a ghost, is saying, “Arjun, I am an enlarged Kaal and have come here to eat everyone (Gita Adhyay 11Shlok 32). This is my original appearance, which neither could anybody see before you, nor would anyone be able to see in future. Thismeans that nobody can see this original form of mine by the methodof yagya-jap-tap (Yagya means Sacrificial ceremony; Jap means Repetition of mantra; Tap meansAusterity/meditation) and the ‘Om ‘ naam etc. mentioned in the Vedas (Gita Adhyay 11 Shlok 48). I am not Krishna; these foolish peopleare considering the invisible/unmanifested me, as being visible/manifested (in human form) as Krishna because they are unaware of mybad policy that I never appear before anyone in this original Kaalform of mine. I remain hidden by my Yogmaya (Gita Adhyay 7 Shlok24, 25). Please think: – Why is he himself calling his policy of remaining hidden as bad/inferior (anuttam)?

If a father does not even appear before his sons, then there is afault in him because of which he is hidden, and is also providing allthe facilities to them. Kaal (Brahm) has to daily eat one-lakh humanbeings because of the curse on him. He has created 84 lakh births/life forms (yoni) to fix the extra 25 percent born daily and to makethem bear the punishment of their actions (karmas). If Brahm eatssomeone’s daughter, someone’s wife, someone’s son, and motherfather in front of him or her then everybody will start hating him,and whenever the Supreme God Kaviragni (God Kabir) comes himself or sends any messenger (sandeshvaahak) of his, then all thehuman beings, by doing true devotion (Sat-bhakti) will get out ofKaal’s trap. Therefore, Brahm deceives everyone. He also mentions the salvation (mukti) from his devotion as ‘the worst’

(Anuttamam ) and his policy as ‘worst’ (Anuttam ) in Holy Gita,Adhyay 7, Shlok 18, 24 and 25.

In the Brahmlok in every brahmand, he has built a Mahaswarg . In a Mahaswarg (Great Heaven), at one place he has created a fake Satlok – fake Alakh lok – fake Agamlok and fakeAnami lok through Prakriti (Durga / Aadi Maya) to deceive the human beings. There is a shabd (hymn) of God KabirKar naino deedaar mahal mein pyaara hai“. In it there is a speech that

“Kaaya bhed kiyanirvaara, yeh sab rachna pind manjhaara hai Maya avigat jaal pasaara, sokaarigar bhaara hai Aadi Maya kinhi chaturaai, jhuthi baaji pind dikhaai,avigat rachna rachi and maahi, vaaka pratibimb daara hai “

In a brahmand, there is creation of other loks also, like ShriBrahma ji’s lok, Shri Vishnu ji’s lok and Shri Shiv ji’s lok. Fromhere, the three gods become the master of and govern, one regionin each of the three lower loks [(Swarg lok) Heaven which is Indra’slok, (Prithvi lok) Earth and (Patal lok) Nether world] and hold theresponsibility of creating, preserving and destroying the living beings for the food of their father. The three gods also have births anddeaths. Then Kaal eats them too.

In this very brahmand [a brahmand is also known as ‘and’ (egg-shaped) because a brahmand has an elliptical shape. It is alsoknown as ‘pind (Body)’ because a brahmand’s creation can be seen inlotuses (kamal) in the body (pind) as in a television], there is also aMansarover (A very big lake) and Dharmrai’s (justice) lok. Like every country hasan embassy, the Supreme God also lives in a different form, in asecret place, in every brahmand. Nobody can go there. Those soulslive there whose Satlok’s bhakti (Worship) is balance yet. When bhaktiYug (The time, when true bhakti is commenced by the Tattavdarshi Saint. Then that goes on properly for some years. That time is called Bhakti kaal.) comes, then at that time, Supreme God Kabir ji sends Hisrepresentative Complete Saint Satguru (True Guru / Tattavdarshi Saint)

At that time, these pious souls are born as human beings on earth and they soon acquire Satbhakti (true devotion) and after taking initiation from Satguru attain complete salvation. The earlier earned bhakti of the pious souls(Hans-aatmas (The devotees who do sadhna/worship abandoning all the evil habits (consumption of meat, alcohol and tobacco etc) are called Hans-aatmas.) ) in that place does not get expended. All the facilities are provided from God’s repository. Whereas, the bhakti earnings of Brahm’s (Kaal) worshippers are utilized in the Swarg (Heaven) -Mahaswarg because in this Kaal lok (Brahm lok) and Parbrahm’s lok, the living beings only get returns for what they have done.

Kshar Purush (Brahm) has divided his twenty brahmands into fourMahabrahmands. In one Mahabrahmand, he has grouped five brahmands and has blocked them by encircling from all four sides in an elliptical shape. He has then blocked the four Mahabrahmands by encircling themin elliptical shape. He has created the twenty-first brahmand in the spaceof one Mahabrahmand. On just entering the twenty-first brahmand, hehas built three pathways. In the twenty-first brahmand also, on the lefthand side, has built fake Satlok, fake Alakh lok, fake Agam lok and fakeAnami lok with the help of Aadi Maya (Durga), to deceive living beings.

And on the right hand side, keeps the twelve greatest Brahm worshippers (Bhakts). Then, in every yug (Four Yugas have been mentioned in the Holy Books, named 1. Satyug 2. Tretayug 3. Dwaparyug 4. Kalyug.) sends them on Earth as his messengers (sant satguru), who impart ways of worship and knowledge whichare not in accordance with the Holy Scriptures, and who themselves become devotionless (bhaktiless) and also entangle their followers in Kaal’sweb. Then both that Guruji and his followers go to hell.

In the front, Kaal has put a lock (kuluf). That pathway goes toKaal’s (Brahm’s) own lok where this Brahm (Kaal) lives in his actual human-like form. In this place there is a griddle-like piece ofrock (which itself remains hot) on which, he roasts the subtle bodiesof one-lakh human beings and taking out grime (mael) from themeats it. At that time all the living beings suffer from excruciatingpain and start screaming and then after sometime become unconscious. The living beings do not die. Then after going to Dharmrai’s (Justice) lok obtain different births based on their karmas (deeds) and thecycle of life and death goes on. Brahm opens the aforesaid lock infront for fractions of a second for only those living beings who arehis food. This lock itself opens up by Purna Parmatma’s (SupremeGod’s) Satyanaam (Real naam which is according to the scriptures) and Saarnaam (The combination of three mantras is known as Saarnaam.).

In this way Supreme God KavirDev (God Kabir) Himself explained the Kaal’s trap to his own devote Dharmdas Ji.

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