About Us – English

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Who We Are

Bring inspiration and innovation to every people in the world.

-Banti Kumar

Our Aim

Friends, our aim is to inspire people towards spirituality and help to become a good human being and an officer of salvation by securing people’s precious human life.

What we control

Today we handle 06+ websites and blogs, 4+ YouTube channels and 19+ Facebook pages, 10+ Twitter accounts and other social sites.

Our Story

We have been active on social media since 2014 but we came out in 2016 through the website. We have stated our purpose. Achieving our goal has started with sharing posts on Facebook. After that updating posts was reduced in November 2014 due to “Barwala Scandal”.

After a gap of one year, in 2016, we created a website from a free website provider, named bantikumar.page.tl. After a few months, we created the first blog on blogger.com due to the lack of professional look of the website, whose web address was: bantikumarpks.blogspot.com. On which we got good visitor response as well. Even today 3000+ internet users visit that blogger web address daily. Then the blogger’s address was changed to lordkabir.blogspot.com for certain reasons.

So far, more than 1.90 million people have visited this blogger website and further counting is being done.

What we do

We work to make people aware through our website and social accounts. In this, we inspire people to live a good life and make them aware of spirituality through spiritual videos and posts. To protect people from fake religious leaders and hypocrisy, we expose fake Saints/Guru’s and hypocrisy.

We have also created tools like Font Converter and QR Code Generator for our partners and the public. Which anyone can use.

What does BKPK VIDEO mean?

Many people ask us what does BKPKVIDEO mean? For this reason, we are revealing its meaning to you today. Actually, the name BKPK VIDEO is created by adding the name of its founder and his friend. Initially this name was kept for YouTube channel only, but later on being popular, a website was also created with the same name, where you are reading this story. There is no rocket science behind this name.