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Historical Revisionism

Brahma Kumaris Info – the Truth about the BKWSU

How is Brahmakumari’s background?

from 1932 until after 1950, followers venerated their millionaire financier Lekhraj Kripalani as the god “Brahma” before, again borrowing from Hinduism, introducing a new god named after “Shiva”. Such historical revisionism, as well as a number of failed predictions of “Destruction” going back to WWII, 1950, 1976, the mid-1980s and so on, have been covered up from new followers and re-written. Likewise, so have the original mediumistic messages called “The Murlis” BK leaders claim are God speaking to humanity during mass seances at their Indian headquarters, the only place on earth they say is “pure enough” for God to incarnate.

The BKs’ “God Shiva” says he comes to “destroy all other religions”. Brahma Kumarism is the one, true religion. All other religions, called “the path of ignorance”, are said to be partial and imperfect memorials of Brahma Kumarism.

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BKWSU leaders claim to be, and encourage their followers to believe they are becoming, the deities worshipped by Hinduism today, the angels venerated by Christianity and the top 8 or 108 human beings who ever lived. Time, according to the Brahma Kumaris, is limited to a single, identically repeating, 5,000 year period called, “The Cycle” in which human beings procreated by the power of mind for the first 2,500 years, and will do again from 2036, and the dinosaur period existed at the time of Ancient Greece. Likewise, in another 2,500 years into the future, Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University leaders teach that Abraham, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed will all be reborn again in order to start to teach, after having re-learnt their religion under them at this time.

According to the Brahma Kumaris, Abraham, Buddha, Christ and Mohammed and others are also said to be spirit mediums, possessed by spirit entities which whom they continue to reincarnate for the duration of their religions’ history as in “Jesus” and a separate individual “the Christ”. The organization will claim to be both a religion and not a religion according to which status benefits it the most. It has both religious and political ambitions.

Historical Revisionism

In the 40s, the Brahma Kumaris taught that WWII was the End of the World. Then, there was a “12-year sacrificial fire” and the End of the World was to come in 1950.

During the mid to late 1960s, the BKWSU taught that “Destruction” would happen in 1976, at the end of a 40 year Confluence Age. In the early 80s, it was stated the channeled messages called “the Murlis” which the Brahma Kumaris use as their scriptures that Destruction would take 50 years, and Creation of heaven 50 years. This then failed and re-written so that Destruction was “50 to 60 years” since the start of the Organization in 1936. Again the End of the World did not come despite their leader’s persistent exhortations that it would come in “2 to 3 years …”

Following the 1980s to 1990s failure, in the run-up to the Year 2000, BK followers were encouraged to empty bank accounts, buy food and water containers in preparation. The leadership wrote to all centers warning followers to stay in centers, about the impurity and criminal intent of non-BKs. Apart from personal memories, numerous original teaching aids and Murlis remain to reference this.

These failed predictions of the End of the World are kept hidden from newcomers. They are re-written by BKWSU leaders in the versions of the channeled psychic messages adherents are expected to listen to each and every morning for the rest of their lives.

No public record is kept of the revisions. Followers of the cult are not told about their editing. Instead, they are led to believe these teachings called “The Murlis” are the unadulterated “word of God” and failure is their fault for not having made enough efforts.

The revision team has also removed political incorrect references their which god spirits or, allegedly, deceased millionaire founder have made about handicapped and dark-skinned individuals, historical characters such as the Congress Party and Gandhi, other religious founders and so on.

The organization continues to bank the money and properties donated by followers given in the faith that doing so will wash away their sins or earn them high status in the forthcoming Golden Age. Even during the year 1976, when the leaders were encouraging the followers the End of the World will come, head Janki Kirpalani was overseeing the purchase of freehold property in London at the follower’s expense.

A culture where adherents will deceive outsiders as to their real beliefs has been encouraged, for example, the re-marketing of “Destruction” – the annihilation of all of humanity except for Brahma Kumari adherents – as “Transformation” to outsiders.

Fundamental Flaws within the knowledge held by BKWSU

Humans are only reborn as humans whereas animals are reborn as animals. They consider that Humans don’t need to undergo the lives of 84 lakh life forms which shows that Brahma Kumaris’ knowledge is totally opposite thereto given in Holy Scriptures associated with Hinduism.

Shri Krishna came before Shri Ram Chander Ji –

Because Shri Krishan was equipped with 16 skills/arts (16 kalaa) and Shri Ram Chander Ji was equipped with only 14 Skills/arts (14 kalaa) Brahma Kumaris consider that Shri Krishna came before Shri Ram; whereas, Shri Ram came in Treta Yuga which happened before the Dwapar Yuga during which Shri Krishna came. this is often their own thinking which is again baseless.

Duration of 4 Yugas –

Brahma Kumaris considers the duration of 4 yugas to be of the duration of 5000 years. They consider each yuga to be 1250 years long which shows their incorrect knowledge.

End of the planet –

Brahma Kumaris have repeatedly made many failed predictions concerning the top of the planet and thus represent their naivety.

Beliefs: that 7,000,000,000 plus human beings must die during an imminent and desirable ‘End of the World’ they called “Destruction”, in order that 900,000 faithful Brahma Kumari followers will inherit a heaven on earth before 2036.

The Brahma Kumari leadership, many of whom were closely related to the Sindhi founder and medium Lekhraj Kripalani, offer little by way of democracy, accountability, and security to their followers. Many who leave, leave as empty shells.

In the 1970s, the BKWSU started to target Westerners who were then used for their appeal to Indians, light skin having a higher status. The start of Brahma Kumari expansion into the West, under its current chief BK Janki Kirpalani, is notable for its purchase of freehold property at the same time it was encouraging its followers that the end of the world was to happen (1976) and to give over their life savings.

From its earliest days, the organization was willing to accept government money to assist its expansion from both within India and outside. Latterly, this has included the donation of land, properties and the negotiation of tax benefits.



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    The Brahma Kumaris’ belief that the Supreme God is formless is not supported by the Bhagavad Gita or the Yajurveda. These scriptures clearly state that the Supreme God has a human-like form.

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