Which kings had devotion to God Kabir and which kings had met the God Kabir?

God Kabir come and meet to Rani Chitrekha and Raja Rai Harchand, king Ambarish, Chandravijaya and his wife Karmavati, Chandravijaya and his wife’s name was Rani Indramati, Raja Bhoj, Raja Muchkundahi, Raja Chandrahas, Raja Vidur and Raja named Dhundul, Veer Singh Baghel, King of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi, Bijli Khan Pathan, Ibrahim ibn Adham, Indradaman, King Bhopal of Jalandhar city, Bhagat Pipa, Baba Wajeed, Noser Khan Pathan, Raja Amar Singh, Raja Jagjivan, Raja Veer Singh and Raja Kanak Singh.
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Which kings had devotion to God Kabir and which kings had met the God Kabir?

At some point in the mind of human beings, this question definitely arises that who is the owner of all of them, then who has seen that one owner?

Who’s got it?

But till now these are unsolved. No one could solve the questions.

So today we have come to solve these complicated questions in front of you. Today we will prove to you that who has got that divine.

naam diksha ad
  • Which saints have done devotion to that complete God?
  • And today how can we attain that complete God in the present?

Today we will talk about every era and know which kings will get the divine in which era.

  1. Satyuga
  2. Tretayug
  3. Dwaparyug
  4. Kaliyuga

Main rovat hoon srishti ko, Ye srishti rove mohe.
Garibdaas is viyog ko, samjh na sakta koye

Have you thought now that we are searching for God, or is God also searching for us?

This thing is certainly surprising, but even that God does it so that faith in God remains alive in the world.

That complete God is also searching for us.

And for this, God appears in every era and reveals his real knowledge.

And our holy scriptures also support that God reveals his virtues to real knowledge only by appearing towards human beings in every era.

Satyug mein Sat Sukrit Kaha Terra, Treta Naam Muninder Mera.
Dwapar mein Karunamay Kahaya, Kalyug naam Kabir dhraya

He is the master of all that is the Supreme God “Kabir Saheb” who manifests himself in every era and acquires his virtuous souls with real knowledge and offers salvation by giving them goodwill.

Today we will talk about the four eras in this blog and will know which kings get the divine in which era.

God Kabir in Satyuga

First of all, let’s talk about satyug …

In the satyug, God came by the name Sat Sukrit. And the God who showed the real knowledge to the King Mitra San, Rani Chitrekha and Raja Rai Harchand, at that time showed the path of right worship; and granted salvation.

In the Satyuga, Kabir had also met the divine king Ambarish and bestowed on him salvation mantras.

God Kabir in Tretayuga

After the satyug, now let’s talk about Tretayuga ..

In Tretayuga, Kabir appeared as the divine rishi Muninder.

In the TretaYuga, Kabir Paramatma also met with Chandravijaya and his wife Karmavati, who lived in Lanka.

And considering the knowledge of the God Kabir ,the king Ravana’s wife Mandodari and brother Vibhishan, took refuge from God kabir. This was the reason that he practiced religion even while living in the kingdom of Ravana.

In Tretayug, the father of King Janak Sita ji also got Kabir divine and King Janak also had done devotional practice told by God Kabir.

God Kabir in Dwaparyuga

After Tretayuga, we talk of Dwaparyuga.

In Dwaparyug, God Kabir appeared in the name Karunamay.

The king of that time was Chandravijaya and his wife’s name was Rani Indramati.

Rani Indramati was a woman of very religious tendency. Kabir Parmeshwar introduced Queen Indramati and Raja Chandravijaya with his true knowledge, both of them were very impressed and took the path of devotion from God Kabir.

And finally attained salvation

There were many other kings in Dwapara Yuga including Raja Bhoj, Raja Muchkundahi, Raja Chandrahas, Raja Vidur and Raja named Dhundul. These kings also at that time, influenced by the knowledge of God Kabir, took the path of Satbhakti. Due to which they also got salvation.

God Kabir in Kalyuga

Now let’s talk about the Kalyuga..

Just 600 years before today, Kabir parmatma appeared on the full moon day of Vikram Samvat 1455 (1398 AD) Jyestha month in Lahartara talab in Kashi city, and a childless couple named Neeru and Neema blessed and got it.

At that time, Kabir God had lived on Earth for 120 years and during this time he made many followers by influence of his spiritual knowledge, thus Kabir God had 64 lakh disciples at that time.

At a time when social media was not the medium of propaganda, having 64 lakh disciples of God Kabir at that time is a testimony of the ability of that complete God.

When there were 64 lakhs disciples of Kabir God, then some of the kings of that time also took shelter of Kabir God.

When Kabir Paramatma appeared in Kashi, that time king of Kashi Nagar was Veer Singh Baghel.

Kabir God explained to Bir Singh Baghel that Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva, whom you believe to be imperishable, are perishable. Devotion to him cannot be liberated. His devotion is not mentioned anywhere in the Holy Scriptures. This is devotion against the scriptures. Raja Veer Singh Baghel and Rani Mankadei given by Kabir parmatma were greatly influenced by the knowledge of God and attained initiation by Parameshwar Kabir.

Sikandar Lodi (Sultan of Delhi) and Kabir Saheb

King of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi, who is not fascinated by any introduction, also attested by accepting the spiritual path of God Kabir.

The King of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi, had the disease of burns and the disease of burns is such that if someone burns his hands in the fire, he was suffers a lot of pain, but the body does not see any burn in the disease, but the pain is excessive. It is said disease of burn.

When the sins of the creature increase, the medicine also becomes meaningless. The same thing happened to the emperor of Delhi, Sikandar Lodhi. Take all kinds of medicines, popular Vaidyas were called, but relief was not received from anywhere.

When Sikandar Lodhi came to know that a great man named Kabir lives in the city of Kashi, if he is taken pity, then misery can be solved.

And when Sikandar Lodhi met Kabir God, then Kabir God placed his blessed hand on the head of Sikandar Lodhi and at the same time the disease of Sikandar Lodhi had ended.

Then Sikandar Lodhi understood that it is not a common man but himself Allah-hu-Akbar; and then adopted the path of devotion as told by Kabir Paramatma.

Now let’s talk about Bijli Khan Pathan, who was the Nawab of Maghar princely state. Once in the princely state of Maghar, there was famine. Kingdom of his city came under disaster.
At that time, Kabir God had protected the princely state of Maghar.

Seeing the miracle of Kabir God, Bijli Khan Pathan accepted the knowledge of God Kabir and performed his devotion as told by him.

Ibrahim ibn Adham and Kabir Saheb

Inside Iraq there was a city called Balakh and the king there was named Abraham Adham Sultan.

Ibrahim ibn Adham, who had devotion with devotion in the previous life, was getting human life and continued to be the king in reward for the charity he had given. There was already reverence in God, which is why Kabir did not take long to understand the spiritual path laid down by God and attained salvation by attesting to the God Kabir.

Parmeshwar Kabir ji also met a king named Indradaman of Odisha province.

The temple of Jagannath in Odisha was built by Kabir Paramatma, whose proof is still there.

The stone (Chaura) on which Kabir Parmeshwar prevented the sea to save the temple is still present there.

Seeing this miracle of God Kabir, Indradaman also accepted the knowledge of God Kabir.

And this is the only temple in India where untouchability is not there from the beginning.

King Bhopal of Jalandhar city also got Kabir divine.

God Kabir Ji taught Saint Garib Das (chhudani wale) Which is written in Amritvani of Saint Garib das ji

Gauta maaroon sawarg mein, Ja paithu pataal
Garibdaas Dhoondat firu, Heere Maanik Laal

It is meaningful that God Kabir has said that I look for my good souls. Wherever any devotee of my former birth who could not get salvation, in heaven, hell and earth,

King Bhopal & Kabir Saheb

I meet him again to show the noble creature the glory and need of devotion. I tell them the importance of devotion in some way and get rid of time-trap. These are my diamonds and pearls and Gem. I look for them according to this legislation, God Kabir met to King Bhopal.

Introduced King Bhopal to his real knowledge, and took him Satlok.

Due to which the king was very impressed.

And the king told his 9 queens and 50 sons and a daughter to see the eyes of the Satlok of God. All the members of the family took the refugee from God Kabir and got their salvation.

Bhagat Pipa & Kabir Saheb

Rajput king Pipa Thakur (Bhagat Pipa) of the city named Gignaur (presently named Nagaur) of Rajasthan, influenced by the spiritual knowledge of God Kabir, adopted the path of devotion.

Baba Wajeed & Kabir Saheb

In the Kalyuga, Kabir Paramatma also met a Muslim King named, Baba Wajeed and had shown the path of right worship by introducing his philosophy.

There were other kings who were influenced by the philosophy of God Kabir and followed the path of devotion told by God Kabir in which Noser Khan Pathan, Raja Amar Singh, Raja Jagjivan, Raja Veer Singh and Raja Kanak Singh.

Today you must have come to know how the complete God meets his virtuous souls in every era, and today you have also come to know that despite being a king, you can honour and renounce pride and do your devotion with true devotion to that complete God; Salvation (Moksha) was done.

God Kabir Sahib is our father who appears in every era and shows us the path of devotion so that we can go back to the Sukhdayi Lok Satlok from where we have mistakenly come to this earth world with Kaal.

Today, you saw that despite being on the king’s post, he gave up the honour and dignity, by realizing the real knowledge of that perfect God, he had devoted with true devotion and was entitled to salvation.

Therefore, we request you that at present time Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj has come as an incarnation of God Kabir and the same knowledge that Parmeshwar Kabir himself manifested himself was given today by Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj.

Souls who want divine accept this knowledge.

At present, Tattvarshi Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj is describing this precious knowledge in public. but the fake religious leaders, whose basis is religious hypocrisy, did not allow the real knowledge of God Kabir to reach the general public.

But today Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji has the right information about the complete God Kabir.

Therefore, in time, you should also recognize Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji and get your salvation done by doing the devotional practice told by him.

Kabir Parmeshwar Ji has said that: –

Kabir, Manush janam durlabh hai , mile na barambaar .
Tarvar se patta toot fire, Bahut na laage daar ..

God Kabir

For spiritual information, you should listen to the auspicious discourse of Saint Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji at 7: 30-8.30 pm daily on Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj YOUTUBE channel.

Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji is the only complete saint in this world. A humble request to all of you, please take free name initiation from Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj Ji and make your life successful.


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